Our acting National Policy Director Mary Small breaks down the key elements of our new Indivisible Guide: A Practical Guide for Fixing our Democracy. Read the full guide here: https://indivisible.org/democracy-guide


Mission Statement

Indivisible Auburn is a politically empowered, patriotic and inclusive group that focuses on mobilizing our citizens, unifying our community to take back our constitutional rights and democratic institutions of government, and resisting divisive extremism at all levels.

  2021 – 2022 Goals

  • Increase citizen participation in the political process.

  • Hold elected officials accountable for their responsibility to serve their constituents, especially in the areas of environmental protection, support anti-interventionist foreign policy, health care access and affordability, income equality, voting rights for all, and any other issue that our membership decides is important to them and that is not being adequately addressed by our elected officials.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are you just a bunch of Democrats? Who are you?

Our group is made up of people from all walks of life. There are doctors, judges, grandmothers, writers, artists, lawyers, nurses, printers, retirees, and more. Although many of us respond to Democrat principles, we welcome Independents and Republicans.

What do you stand for?
We support many standard American values such as equality of opportunity and treatment for everyone, affordable and accessible healthcare for all, protection of the environment for us and future generations, fulfilling and sustainable employment, education and/or job training for all. security for the individual and the nation. We are a grassroots organization that is not beholden to any political or financial agency.

What do you do?
We write letters and call  our Members of Congress (MoCs) to voice our opinions on bills or actions of the Federal and State government. We attend Town Halls held by our MoCs, participate in marches and other group activities to show our support or opposition.  Our MoCs are Senators Harris and Feinstein and Congressmen LaMalfa (CA-01) and McClintock (CA-04)

Are you paid?
No, we do all of our events and activities on a strictly volunteer basis.

How did you pick your logo?
The basic format is recommended by the national Indivisible Guide team to unite approximately 6,000 groups around the country. The white bar with the star above is symbolic of an ā€œIā€ for Indivisible. The colors are selected for their patriotic theme. Of course, there is more blue than red, obviously!