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Audrey Denney Endorsed by Indivisible Auburn

Indivisible Auburn is pleased to announce its endorsement of Audrey Denney for Congress from CD1. We are impressed with her dedication and advocacy for our District and its residents.  Her depth of knowledge in the areas of agriculture and fire protection and resiliency is deep, fact-based, and responsive to our needs.  Audrey’s recent personal experience with a serious health challenge put her right in the middle of the healthcare issue which is a priority for all of her constituents.

Please join us in our unequivocal support of Audrey for Congress. A win in 2020 is doable!

Then there is her enthusiasm and work ethic.  We cannot find a more upbeat and personable representative. At a recent House Party, Audrey recounted that she comes from a family of storytellers. Sitting around telling stories, only partly embellished, is a popular pastime at get-togethers.  She said that she wants to be the one telling the unique story of our area, both locally and on the national stage.

How Can You Help?

Audrey is looking to make more personal contacts with people in our area.  Our county was one of her poorest supporters in the last election. She wants to turn that around with your help. If you would like to hold a House Party or can put her in contact with community leaders or others who could be potential advocates for her, please contact her Campaign Manager, Brian Solecki, at  To volunteer or donate please go to