July 4th Join The Parade

Join The Parade!

Indivisible Auburn is again joining with the Auburn Area Democratic Club in Auburn’s July 4th parade.  We really want the largest possible participation to make our statement to the community.  This year, we were shocked when the initial Chamber of Commerce guidelines said that no entry would be allowed which promoted a political issue, candidate, or position.  After considerable pushback from AADC, the Chamber changed their position.  The new guidelines can be found on the Chamber website here.  The parade is “entertainment for the entire family”.

What does this all mean?  How do we respond?  It’s important to remember that this event is produced by a private group, the Chamber of Commerce.  Like it or not, they have the right to decide what’s permissible in their event.  It’s just like the Little League opening day parade.  So we have to abide by their rules.  It’s clear that we cannot hand out anything to the parade audience, and that we should not interact in any way other than to wave and smile.  If you can’t do that, even in the face of obnoxious and rude comments, please don’t walk in the parade.

What about signs?  We recommend leaving the issue-based signs and slogans home.  Certainly, there should be no negative messages or any “fighting words”.  We will not allow signs like “Impeachment”, for example, as part of the Indivisible Auburn group.  Almost everyone watching this event knows what AADC and Indivisible stand for.  We can make the most effective statement to the community by showing up in force.  Let’s show Auburn there is a large and committed progressive community here, and that we plan to continue our efforts.  Contact us at IndivisibleAuburnCA@gmail.com with your comments, questions, etc.  Please join the parade!