Postcards to CD1 Voters

September 7, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
various locations

Join friends, neighbors, and new friends to write postcards to voters in CD1.Help persuade them to vote for Audrey Denney  Four different dates to choose from:


Carol Koons: 390 Hoguertel Hill Rd., Auburn   Fri      Sept 7         1-3

Carol Koons- 390 Hoguertel Hill Rd. Auburn   Sun     Sept. 23      1-3

Meg Dorsey   5229 Westridge Ave.   Auburn   Sun     Sept. 30     1-3

Meg Dorsey   5229 Westridge Ave    Auburn   Mon   Oct. 8         1-3


CD1 PostCards News


WOW!!  We have pushed and pushed and together we have written 25,000 handwritten postcards directly to our rural CD1 voters.  We want to share the stats on the CD1 Primary election and share the JOY that postcarding works!

Here is what we learned:

1) The overwhelming majority in our district vote by mail, which means it takes FOREVER for the vote count to be completed.  We don’t mind though, because look at the results of our hard work >>>>

A) We got as many Dems/NPPs to vote in the Primary in an off-year (notoriously low for Dems) as voted in the 2016 Presidential general election. The highest in 6 years.  And the margin between the Rep and Dem vote was the lowest since 2012. This is BIG! 

B) The next most comparable election we can measure ourselves against is 2014 (the last midterm primary).  Against that year, we increased our overall turnout by 13%!  Some counties increased their turn out by 19%.  This is VERY BIG! 

C) Our overall Primary voter turn out was 49% – That compared to only 36% in 2014.  Looking towards the November election, this is HUGE! 

2) Our Primary election gave us an AMAZING Democratic candidate, Audrey Denney.  She’s charismatic, engaging, an Ag and farming expert, works internationally with Human Rights groups and can beat the incumbent, Do-Nothing Doug LaMalfa.    We will be backing her 100% in our postcard messaging for the General election.  We could not be prouder of our candidate and the multitude of endorsements she’s received.  Learn more about her here: –  Go, Audrey!! 


We’ve learned a lot from our first run of primary postcards, and now we’re ready to TURN UP THE HEAT and push our postcard project FAR AND WIDE to get as many writers as we can to help us in our goal of writing 65,000 handwritten postcards directly to our CD1 voters.  

We will relaunch by July 20th.  We hope you will sign up to help us reach our goal of 65,000 postcards by our November 6th election. Together we can flip our Congress and make a real, positive change for our country