Meet Jessica Holcomb- Candidate for CA D1 in 2018

June 23, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Pat Ferguson and Tom Milner home
17500 Hillcrest Drive
Meadow Vista
Pat Ferguson

Please join us for dessert and a conversation with Jessica Holcombe, candidate for Doug LaMalfa’s  CA D1 seat in 2018.  it will be a small group so you will have a real opportunity to have a dialogue.  We only have 20 spaces available, so please RSVP to


Roosevelt envisioned four key freedoms for our nation: freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear. I would add to those freedoms the freedom to know the truth from our leaders. Since the presidential election results last November, these freedoms, our right to healthcare, our environment, and the civil rights enshrined in our constitution have been under siege, disguised by the terms security, choice and job growth. America is the only Western nation that does not provide universal healthcare for its people due in large part to extensive lobbying by insurance and pharmaceutical companies. The House just passed an amendment to the Affordable Care Act which would allow insurance carriers to charge more for high risk groups, particularly those who are older and have pre-existing conditions, while providing less coverage for essential benefits such as maternity care and mental health coverage. Rather than improve upon the ACA, the GOP has rescinded many of its key protections. The solution is universal healthcare which would ensure coverage for everyone as a right and not a privilege and which would limit the rising costs of healthcare and medicine through a single payer plan. Rather than focus on real and viable solutions to critical concerns such as providing healthcare for all, the GOP attempts to distract us with fear tactics and by falsely blaming minority groups for social ills which the GOP has exacerbated through a tax system favoring the rich and corporate interests. Trump’s order to ban individuals from predominantly Muslim countries, restrict the number of refugees entering the country, and to round up undocumented workers who have children and spouses here in the US runs counter to our values and civil rights. Our immigrants and our rich diversity are the fabric and strength of our nation, and we will not tolerate racism or scapegoating. We will continue to carry the torch for our immigrants and refugees by supporting a path to citizenship and by welcoming those seeking asylum and viable solutions to critical concerns such as providing healthcare for all,


To bring the American dream within reach again to working families in the face of rising costs for healthcare, childcare, rent and groceries, we must ensure that they have access to those rights which are fundamental to the prosperity of all Americans: a living wage, guaranteed health care, federally-funded public schools, daycare support, increased eligibility for food stamps and low-cost higher education and vocational training. Education is the only way we can remain competitive in a global market. How will we fund these programs? By reducing our military spending (which is more than the next 7 countries combined) and ensuring the rich pay their fair share of taxes by closing the tax loopholes which corporations, investors, and real estate investors have enjoyed at the expense of the middle class. We must also ensure that we protect our environment and our natural resources from short-term gains by reducing carbon emissions and protecting our waters and federal lands. We must support funding for clean energy which reduces carbon emissions and is a wealth of job opportunities for contractors as well as a source of energy independence and savings business attorney, I frequently negotiate with those who have competing interests in order to find solutions that meet our top priorities. This nation is not just for those who can afford a membership at Mar-a-Lago. We will elect leaders who support the middle class and working families and who are committed to protecting our planet and our federal lands. Let’s take our nation back!