Choose Your Own Activist Adventure Workshop

February 17, 2020 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
General Gomez Arts and Event Center
808 Lincoln Way
Auburn CA 95603

Remember how mad and disappointed you felt when the Senate refused to hold a fair impeachment trial? McConnell conspired with Trump to run the trial just the way he wanted. Senators were coerced with potential lack of campaign funds and/or opposition from Majority Leader and Trump. We MUST flip the Senate. We are working with Flip the West, Swing Left and Indivisible Payback Project to do this. We just need four Senate seats to make this happen. All of these organizations have selected strategic and targeted Senate seats.
We can’t just wait till November to vote them out. It takes constant and concerted efforts to make it happen. This workshop will offer four different activities for you to choose from: letter writing, postcard writing, texting, and phone banking. The organizations have selected particular groups to target. Whether they are women who haven’t voted before, people of color, other under-represented groups, or other targets your actions will make a difference!
We will provide beverages but please bring your own brown bag dinner or snack. We will explain a bit about these programs and then dig right in!!! Register by clicking Here.