May 25, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Bell and I 80

 **********Memorial Day weekend change, only*********

Banners for this Friday, the start of Memorial Day weekend

We have a great opportunity to reach more and different people this week, as folks head for the hills for Memorial Day weekend. Friday afternoon should be prime time for travel. And this Friday is just 11 days before the primary!

Schedule change for this week only: We plan to start displaying banners earlier than usual, at 4:30 at Bell and I-80. And we will meet at Scott’s to assemble our banners at 3:15.

This weekend is a special opportunity for reaching people. Please come on out if you can!

********************* Regular Schedule*****************

  will be assembling our banners at 3:30 at Scott’s, and displaying them at 5:00, (meeting at Bell and I-80, the northwest corner), Friday. Keep your eye on the weather, If it is raining, we will cancel. But if not, we will be out there sending a message.

What are our goals for banners this election year? We have about 3 weeks left before the Primary election. We have a choice. Will we leverage our prime real estate on Highway 80 by crafting messages to influence the outcome of the November election? Or do we make statements of principle that may be consciousness-raising, but do nothing to challenge this one-party GOP federal government and their disastrous agenda. Of course there is the possibility of making room for both approaches. Let’s have that discussion.

Hope to see you on Friday!

(For additional information, text or e-mail Al: 530-305-8258,